2017’s best non-fiction winter reads

It’s pretty much the general consensus in the southern end of Australia at the moment that winter can bloody well bugger off. It’s cold, grey and dreary.

Thankfully, there is ONE bonus to the winter weather- an excuse to sit on the couch, snuggle up, and devour some of the amazing new books that have been released just in time to save us from the rainy skies. Here are some of the non fiction reads I am excited to devour on the couch with a cup of green tea over the coming months.

‘Fighting Hislam’ by Dr. Susan Carland

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.10.25 pm
Image via Melbourne University Publishing (mup.com.au)

I have been waiting MONTHS for this one to come out and I was so excited when I finally got to hold it in my hot little hands. Dr. Carland is a major role model for me, and for many women, and her book is on an incredibly important topic.

‘Fighting Hislam’ is about women, sexism and muslim faith. Based off of the research and thesis Dr. Carland did whilst completing her doctorate, the book is about a group of women that the western world seem unable to believe actually exist; muslim women who identify as feminists.

Read if: You want to hear about kick ass women slowly changing attitudes and changing the world. 

But it here.

‘Still Lucky’ by Rebecca Huntley 

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.14.24 pm
Image via Penguin Random House (penguin.com.au)


Okay, so not gonna lie- I may have already consumed this book TWICE on a  recent trip to Thailand. I went to see Rebecca talk about her book at Sydney Writer’s Festival in May and immediately felt compelled to pick myself up a copy.

Yes, Australia does have it’s issues. Racism, an incredibly casual work force, a crazy housing bubble and some of the most highly educated and underpaid women in the world. But, despite our issues, Rebecca argues that Australia, and it’s people,  are still lucky. Plus, Rebecca conducted the Mind and Mood report for years at IPSOS, so she has a bunch of yummy, scrumptious research to back up her proposition.

Read if: You are a data nerd who needs a shot of optimism about the Australia we live in. 

Buy it here.

‘Not Just Lucky’ by Jamila Rizvi 

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.18.07 pm
Image via Penguin Random House (penguin.com.au) 

I went to the launch for this incredible book and as soon as I got home I burried my nose deep within the pages. Jamila is an incredible writer and feminist and her debut novel, Not Just Lucky, is an important and indepth look at the typical Australian woman’s interaction with the workforce during her life time.

From birth, to doing well and school and uni, to entering the workforce, to childbirth and beyond, to retirement, Jamila looks at the structures and expectations upheld by society that make it hard for women to navigate the workforce. She also includes information and advice for women who may feel that they are lacking confidence, and stories included to reassure us.

Read if: You want to handy tips and tricks to make work better for you. 

Buy it here.


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