Book Launch: Not Just Lucky by Jamila Rizvi

Tonight, I finished off my birthday weekend by attending the launch of Jamila Rizvi’s first book, Not Just Lucky.

Jamila is a totally kick ass lady who I had the fortune to work with when I was interning at the Mamamia Women’s Network and I CANNOT WAIT to sink my teeth into what I am sure will be a funny, intelligent and important book for all women and men.


Jamila in conversation with Dr Susan Carland at the launch of #notjustlucky


In conversation tonight with Dr Susan Carland, Jamila spoke about a crisis of confidence, power poses, the wage gap, Australia’s gendered workforce and what she wanted people to get out of the book- women AND men alike. It’s a timely reminder that women¬†are #notjustlucky- they’re also really incredible at what they do.

So, pull out your best bottle of red, curl up in front of the heater and sink your teeth in.

Have you read Jamila’s book, Not Just Lucky? What did you think?¬†

You can buy Not Just Lucky here and here.


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